HELP!!! with Putting Leaders on a Longarm Correctly!!

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by , 09-08-2012 at 10:50 AM (856 Views)
I am really new with quilting though I have made several - mostly by putting material together and calling it a quilt! However, I am trying to quilt using a few rules and patterns and recently decided I needed to add another new step to finish my quilts with a Longarm. SO - purchased a Tin Lizzie Ansley and don't know if I put the leaders on correctly. I am getting ready to install a new product called Red Snappers -an acquaintance who went to Pudacah Quilt Show thought I had to have....but want to make sure the leaders are on properly before I place the Red Snappers in the leaders. Could some one Please help me or guide me to a site where I can find how leaders are to be placed on longarm properly?


  1. leighway's Avatar
    See if this answers your questions...

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