Help. When washing quilt colors bled into white edging

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by , 05-25-2017 at 05:04 AM (361 Views)
My spouse came home with a recipe for getting the yellow out of vintage quilts by soaking in hot water mixed with 1 scoop of biz, and one scoop of oxyclean per gallon of water and to soak for 48 hours. I followed the recipe exactly but have found now that it's been rinsed thoroughly twice the red color blocks in the quilt bled and the dye where the reds were touch the white and other colors in the quilt has transferred to other areas of the quilt. How do I get these new red stains out with out creating another problem???

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  1. Colbaltjars62's Avatar
    Get some Synthrapol it is a special detergent used in pre-scouring fibers before dyeing, and in washing out fiber reactive dyes after dyeing. It is also sometimes used as a surfactant or wetting agent to improve dye penetration.
    You can use it to get the dyes out that have bled. Hopefully, you haven't dried the quilt in the dryer which will "set" the dyes.
    Also, you can use just 1 cup BIZ bleach and hot water in a container with item overnight then dump it all in washer and wash as usual. Use a container that will allow the whole quilt to be penetrated and not crowded.
  2. Greenheron's Avatar
    My mother washed a lovely red and white quilt with the same bleeding results and NOTHING helped. That was 30 years ago, maybe Colbaltjars62 has the modern solution(s). Mom just had to get used to a red and pink quilt. I know it's NOT funny, though. I hope you had luck.

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