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Hexagons Machine Sewed

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by , 07-21-2013 at 08:27 AM (847 Views)
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Hexes have always intrigued me. I don't mind setting in but when wants to make a charm quilt with tiny hexes, one doesn't want to do that lol. I did some research and found that some techniques, cut the hex in half. This forms a little boat like patch. The patches are then machine sewed in rows and then the rows are joined and it goes very fast. I don't want to do that either.

Then there is the English paper piecing by hand and that's not going to happen. And so I did this. I did two things. The first one was to cut some 1.5 strips from my decorator line of fabrics to test the pattern. I made a strata and cut an equilateral triangle angle. Just put the ruler on your 60 d mark, cut, turn. Line the ruler up with the point of the tri and the 60 d at the bottom and cut your first tri, then alternate and keep cutting tri's. Sew 3 tri's together and that is half of the Hex.

Now you sew these together in a row and then join the rows and you have a nice hex scrappy and I don't mind this type of hex cut in half. The next post will show the other way.
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