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by , 01-28-2012 at 05:17 PM (697 Views)
Hi again,
Sorry it has been has been crazy.
We took a trip to the ER today. Larry fell on the ice in the back yard . He was in soooo much pain . He could barely breathe . I called 911.... first the police arrived....then the firedept....then the ambulance .arrived . The EMTs were so caring and gentle with Larry.

LOng story short. Larry has 2 broken ribs . He is on heavy duty pain meds. He has a breathing treatment tube to force him to take deep breathes. It is real painful for Larry to do that. The Dr said Larry would be in danger of pneumonia if He keeps resisting taking deep breathes.

Poor Ruthie felt like She caused the fall to happen because She called out ...PaPa....just before He fell. She was falling apart with quilt. We kept telling her that it wasn't her fault . She wouldn't believe us . Later Larry told us that He never even heard Her call him.

When things like this happen poor foster kids feel like their security is in jepardy . They all know someone could blame them and they might be removed . Life is not easy for these kids.

After We got home and Larry was settled into the recliner Ruthie asked me to turn the TV off so that She could read PaPa a bedtime story . So She read the story then sang a sweet little "lala" song and that put him to sleep.......Well...that and the 2 percoset that the Dr gave Larry in the ER put him to sleep.

Ruthie's visits have been reduced to 1 a month. So this coming Tuesday We will not have to drive to Boston. Thank GOD . Well I would have cancelled...but
this way is easier.
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  1. Judith1005's Avatar
    Oh, I'm so sorry. Take good care of him. And prayers for healing as quickly as possible. Hugs for Ruthie. Bless her little heart. Prayers for you to stay strong and healthy. Hope the rest of the weekend is as uneventful as possible.
  2. ICU_FOSTERMOM's Avatar
    Thanks Judith,

    Larry appreciates your well wishes for him, Thanks for the prayers for Larry, Ruthie and me . You are also in our prayers.

    Gosh...I sure do hope that the rest of the weekend is
  3. deedum's Avatar
    Oh, I feel for him. I fell New Year's nite, and injured my ribs. It takes awhile to heal, so I hope he gets plenty of rest. Rest and time seemed to help me more than anything.
  4. annthreecats's Avatar
    So sorry to hear about Larry falling and injuring his ribs. I hope he heals quickly. Sending prayers for everyone.
  5. ICU_FOSTERMOM's Avatar

    Thank You for your well wishes for Larry's healing .

    He is having a tough time . First with the pain....then with the idea of not being able to be moving around and being busy . He is definately not a sit down , hang around type of Guy... ! ! ! ! He has no choice. He is a big man . I may need some help in the future hog tying him to the couch
  6. jigs1354's Avatar
    OMG!!! how awful for him and the little one feeling she was the blame, all kids seem to be that way. My prayers for you all. Keep him down how ever you can. I hate pain pills but they do put you to sleep and keep you down...!!!
  7. ICU_FOSTERMOM's Avatar
    Thanks for the Prayers, We can always use those. Well , so far the pain and the pain pills have been keeping him still. When He feels a little better then I will have my hands full keeping him busy while sitting.

    Maybe now is the time to teach him

    He is already used to rotary cutting my squares for me. He has much stronger hands and wrists. I cannot take the pressure on my wrists when trying to do rotary cutting.
  8. judykay's Avatar
    Best wishes with hugs and prayers for all three of you...
  9. judykay's Avatar
    Forgot to mention Please keep us posted on his recovery..
  10. ICU_FOSTERMOM's Avatar

    thanks for the Prayers and Hugs. I will definately keep You all updated. We appreciate your concern.
  11. ICU_FOSTERMOM's Avatar
    Thank You for the Hugs and Prayers. I will absolutely keep everyone updated. Thank You for your care and concern.
  12. Quilter7x's Avatar
    Oh my goodness Alice! I hope Larry is a fast healer as I hear that rib fractures are very painful. Please give a hug and kiss to Ruthie for me and tell Joe he's doing a great job! This is for you > {{{hugs}}}
  13. ICU_FOSTERMOM's Avatar
    OooooKKKKKKK. Well it looks like today will be a better day. Larry's daughter , Tammy, helped me take Larry to his DR yesterday . The DR put Larry on a stronger pain med and a stronger muscle relaxant .
    It has already made an improvement in Larry's pain level. He can move around better and is in a better frame of mind. Larry's lungs sound fine .
    Thank You Lord for it ALL . .................

    THANK YOU ALL...for all the PRAYERS.

    Ruthie is also doing better. I think that we have finally convinced her that Larry's fall was not her fault . The fact that Ruthie's birthday was yesterday made a big difference. She is so very happy that She is now the BIG FIVE ! !! --- " I can use my whole hand now to say how old I am ."----- LOL

    I finally got a good nite's sleep last night . That should make a difference for me . Now a new set of legs and I will be good as new . Keep the prayers coming..........Please
  14. ICU_FOSTERMOM's Avatar
    Thanks for all the prayers. They worked.
    Larry is doing so much better as long as He keeps to his meds schedule . He can move around when He needs to and is not in terrible pain like before . Mind you, He doesn't move around all that much .
  15. ICU_FOSTERMOM's Avatar
    Well, Larry ..."had " to go up to Church again today to check out a work project. He hates feeling out of the loop. I did errands while Larry did his thing .
    We grabbed a quick lunch and someting went down the wrong pipe and He started coughing . He was wracked with pain thru it all. He was over due for pain meds and that made it much worse . ! ! ! !

    He came home and took his meds and slept for about 3 1/2 hrs...Ruthie and I got some much needed rest too. I was planning on making a big meal but Joe wants soup--Larry won't feel very hungry after his painful afternoon and Ruthie and I go with the flow. So It will be an easy supper tonight. Soup, sandwiches and or salads .

    Well Joe had soup....Ruthie had sandwich.....I had supersalad...and Larry still hasn't eaten. I think I will have a hard time getting Larry to eat tonight.
  16. ICU_FOSTERMOM's Avatar
    Ruthie is still so worried about Larry with his broken ribs. Tonight He headed for the back door to put the dogs outside and Ruthie started yelling ...." no,PaPa,no.....don't go that way. no PoP, there's ICE ,NOOO papa...Please don't go there.. ! ! ! ! "

    I hope She doesn't hang onto a new paranoia,She has enough already....LOL
  17. ICU_FOSTERMOM's Avatar
    With having to take over all that Larry used to do....[ He did alot ] I am just worn out sometimes by midafternoon . The fibro is not happy about my drastic , sudden increase in sometimes strenous work here at home . Joe is taking care of bringing in the firewood, Thank God... ! ! !

    Larry is doing better but not better enough to pick up doing some chores...dangit..! ! ! !
  18. ICU_FOSTERMOM's Avatar
    Well, Larry has entered a new phase in his recouperation. He thought it was time for him to be able to drive again. He is no longer on pain meds. His DD needed him to babysit tonight . It would have been too much for me to drive Joe to his PT appt. , then take Larry to his DD's house . Then back home to feed Ruthie and get her ready for bed .

    So Larry decided that today was the day. I truly hope that He doesn't pay a price for this.....I will let You know tomorrow.

    But when we are both going out...I will still drive. Just for caution sake.

    Do You agree ????
  19. ICU_FOSTERMOM's Avatar
    go to my pics to see last nites pics of You-know-who.

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