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Hidden churn dash

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by , 04-30-2013 at 11:08 AM (1426 Views)
This quilt is made using the churn dash block, I think it was the favourite block of our most venerated late member and the instigator of our quilt groupís challenge, Cecily. But I dislike it. I wanted to rise to the challenge as always but I find the block rather pedestrian, perhaps because Iíve only made it in co-ordinated colours and plain fabrics, so a decided to do it in heavily patterned fabrics and mix it up so that the pattern was lost and the fabric became the star of the piece rather than the block.
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  1. Emalea's Avatar
    I love it. Although the pattern may not be as obvious, it shows a huge pop of color and almost a modern Jackson Pollickish look. I see no reason for you to be unhappy with it. I'd be proud to have my name on it.
  2. bettycell's Avatar
    Nice! I'm thinking of doing a low contrast pinwheel quilt in a watercolor style...
    Is there something in the air? <S>
  3. Judith1005's Avatar
    So sorry you do not like this particular pattern. It is actually one of my favorites. And, if I really look hard I can kind of sorta see the pattern. Your quilting is really very pretty. I like the contrasting color thread you used.

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