Hobby Room All Torn Apart ... Grandson Here

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by , 10-13-2012 at 09:01 PM (1189 Views)
My husband and I share a room for our hobbies and I have removed almost all my quilting stuff from the room and we started pulling his stuff out too ... new carpet and paint, then back it all goes ... maybe ... I am wondering where I am going to end up with all my stuff ... right now it is stacked all over the family room and my longarm ... they will be here on Monday to measure for carpet and then it's just a matter of time for it to be ordered and installed ... plenty of work to do before then ... we were able to get the drapes down and to the cleaners ... the mini blinds were removed and cleaned and put back up ... window and screen was pulled out and cleaned thoroughly ... this is a room that has been in use for over 10 years and is now getting its second painting ever ... and the carpet is just beyond OLD! We spent some time securing the shelves in my two bookcases so they are sturdier to hold all my books, etc. once they are put back into their space. This has been a good day to PURGE those quilting/sewing supplies that I no longer use and probably won't ... I am going to take them to my quilting group on Wednesday and see if anyone there wants them ... if not, then off to charity they go.

I am going to spend some time tomorrow trying to figure out a consistent way to fold the yardage that I have - it isn't folded in a consistent way and is just crammed into a cabinet - it will be fun to see what I have! Maybe once it is refolded, I will have room for MORE!!! lol

It's been a long day and I am watching Star Wars with my grandson (he is four), he will be off to bed in about 1/2 hour. He has his saber sword and is fighting the bad guys in the family room - the dog isn't sure what to do about him - she is coming up onto the sofa so she will be safe ... lol I think when he goes to bed, it will be bedtime for me too.

The adult kids are out at karoke tonight and I have to remember to tell his mom he was good so she will take him home with her tonight. Not sure why they told him if he wasn't good he would have to spend the night here ... what did I do??!! lol

Not sure why, but he hasn't wanted to spend the night at grandma's lately - he doesn't mind being here - will even go to sleep in his bed that we have for him here - but, he doesn't want to spend the whole night. Papa Jim even told him they could go get donuts in the morning and he still didn't want to stay. No matter how many times he told him he would see him in the morning, Jayson told him he wasn't going to be here. He would be one upset little camper if he woke up here in the morning!
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  1. tmw's Avatar
    do you like carpet in your sewing area? i would worry about pins getting dropped and getting stepped on! and my chair would'nt roll around on it.but it all will look very nice when it's done.

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