Houston spills over

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by , 11-18-2011 at 06:38 AM (1336 Views)
I had a fabulous trip to International quilt festival at the beginning of the month. I spent 3 1/2 days in the quilting bubble and it felt great. Wednesday night was preview and I saw about 1/3 of the displayed quilts. I knew art quilting was big, but I had no idea that it would outweight the tradtional pieces. They are creative, yes, but since I don't like to put quilts on my walls, they don't interest me.

Thursday was spent looking at more juried quilts and in class with Cindy Blackberg. We did one mariners compass block using her stamps. Her kits are generous so I probably can make another block by adding in a 10" square from my stash. I really like the speed of this technique so I ordered a stamp set today so that I can make more compasses. Cindy was a great teacher. So great that my mom, who has sworn not to quilt and took the class to humor me, has started 3 THREE quilts.

Friday was an all day class with Debbie Caffrey doing a mystery quilt. I have decided that I do not like mystery quilts. Not Debbie's fault at all, she is a great teacher and I did learn some tricks, I just like more control over the product. I have the top from class assembled except for borders which I hope to do this afternoon.

Saturday was vender day for me. And I must say, while there were many, I walked out with 4 stencils. Fabric seemed to fall into three categories, Batik, country/reproduction ( think brown or tan based) and psychedelic 60s. Perhaps since I was looking for nothing in particular, it overwhelmed me. No really great fabric deals that I saw. Instead I came home with business cards and brochures to check back at my leisure.

The lowest point of the trip has to be double ear infections. I started with a cold the day before my flight and ended up at the doctor after I returned. Mpergaos it is good that I did not spent at Festival as I now have doctor bills to pay.

Overall I had a great time at Festival and hope to go back. Not next year, but I'll start clippin coupons and stashing change toward another trip.


  1. Lv2sew2011's Avatar
    That's how I feel about some of the craft fairs that they have here in Oklahoma, I'm so excited to see new stuff and then all I see is bling, bling, bling... I have nothing against bling, but I wish there were other things too, I just didn't go to see jewerly, purses, feathers...LOL I wanted to see crafts....

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