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by , 02-05-2012 at 06:39 PM (286 Views)
This is just a prelude for my blogs about my favorite thing - " Rugs".

IF you are looking to buy rugs, I would suggest you to read my post.

Choosing an Area Rug

The most important factor with regard to how to buy a rug is the reason “why” the area rug is being bought. This may seem self evident, but it is not unknown for rug shoppers to buy extremely attractive and reasonable priced items only to find, that they have bought the wrong size, or that they color and design clash with their décor. The vast majority of people buy rugs in order to enhance the decorative appeal of their homes. They are not concerned with an investment potential or collectability, and the fact that items ma appreciate in value over the years is a bonus, rather than the main reason for which they are actually bought. Consequently, the prime considerations on how to buy rugs are color, design, and size.
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