How does your day go?

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by , 06-30-2013 at 07:45 PM (961 Views)
I am an early riser......usually up by 5AM. First thing I do is start the coffee. Then I feed the cat and let the dog out. I take my coffee in my sewing room and start sewing/cutting. Now I have to let the dog in. Pour myself another cup of coffee. Back to my sewing room. I let the dog out again, then start sewing/cutting. Yup, you guessed it.....I let the dog in again. And so the day goes.....sew, let the dog out, sew, let the dog in.
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  1. Cam Flower's Avatar
    Hello, My day sounds like yours. Sometimes, however, I go back to bed and then if I fall back asleep, I wake up feeling "LATE" for everything!. I am currently trying to develope some kind of schedule that is flexable yet with some sense of routine and balance. MAYBE I will just "retire" to my sewing room and well, we will see how it goes.
  2. Jackie Conklin's Avatar
    We have two dogs and two doggie doors, one for the screened porch and one to get into the kitchen. The first year without doors drove me nuts!
  3. tessagin's Avatar
    Dh wakes me between 6-630 a.m. sometimes I get up a little earlier. Coffee, newspaper, breakfast for the both of us. I hit the computer while he fixes his lunch. Dogs have already been out a couple times since he gets up between 4-5 a.m. He heads to work about 7:30-7:45. I usually get up earlier on Sundays and we go out to breakfast after the daily usual schedule. If I take any sort of nap throughout the day even for 10 minutes, I'm up half the night.
  4. julie64's Avatar
    My day goes... get up at 6:30, shower, take the DD to school, go to work, come home, check homework, do housework, have dinner, clean kitchen, sew for a little bit.. go to bed.
  5. grandmaofeight's Avatar
    Have to laugh. As I'm sitting reading your post, two of my dogs are staring at me through the glass door (wanting back inside, of course), one is sitting on the inside (wanting back outside), and the other is asleep under my feet. Yep, the day has started!

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