How to make a hand quilting hoop... with a little duct tape and a household steamer?

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by , 11-28-2011 at 08:14 AM (1417 Views)
http://api.ning.com/files/g3kew2taek...6/DSCI0536.JPG ( Click the link to see the picture. )

Todays projects,

Oh, the list of things to do around the house is getting shorter and shorter since we have had record breaking warm weather this month. I am taking full advantage of the weather this Sunday by breaking out my homemade steamer, for bending wood. I built a steamer box out of a Walmart fabric steamer and connected a 6 foot long piece of 3" PVC pipe. Add a cap on each end and a little duct tape and you instantly have a steamer box. Now just add water and wood. This is such a cool process to watch. A perfectly rigid board becomes so flexible you can bend it into a round circle for a quilt hoop. It amazes me that no major company in the U.S. makes a wooden quilt hoop. You have to import from Germany to get a high quality hand quilting hoop. Well I plan on changing that problem! High quality hoops made in the USA. I have perfected making 14" round hoops and now I am attempting 14" Square Hoops.
- Harry


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