How UFOs Reproduce

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by , 01-02-2013 at 01:08 PM (1322 Views)
Once upon a time a quilter goes into the LQS and purchases a few yards of fabric to make a beautiful quilt. The quilter begins cutting and working thru to make this quilt and it just doe snot look right so she goes to the lqs again, sees a better one to make and purchases the fabric or kit to make that one. Goes home to work studiously on this quilt because it is better, oh darn, not enough fabric so has to go to lqs again, purchases fabric for quilt, sees another, buys it, then oh my a new fabric came in the store so has to buy that and needs coordinating colors to match and buys another quilt, it has to sit on back burner becuase working on one she/he likes, goes home, cuts up fabric, makes istake, go back to store and does it again. Thru the process finishes one buys and starts four. That is the system to UFO reproduction in my opinion. Now the results is the distant relatives named Scraps. Those silly little relatives reproduce faster than the UFos if you are not careful.
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  1. Maria Gomez's Avatar
    love it, so true! I am a baby at quilting and already have five quilts started and non finished.

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