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by , 11-08-2018 at 11:25 PM (198 Views)
I was looking for my old PDA/Blog. But some things have changed since the old days of QB. So I am wondering if my old posts are actually here and if this will be another entry added to Charisma's Crumbs?

I am unfamiliar with the new rules and layout. But I guess I will figure it out...maybe?

I don't know what I have to say....other than I miss this community. Its fun to come back and see that I recognize so many people after not being here for awhile. :)
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  1. PatriceJ's Avatar
    go to My Profile.

    you'll find links to all your stuff.
  2. PatriceJ's Avatar
  3.'s Avatar
    I am new also. I have a bit of a problem. My pictures fail to upload. Not sure why.

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