Hundreds of old neckties... Are they any good for small quilts? for men?

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by , 03-16-2014 at 06:39 PM (1332 Views)
These ties are amazing! Made of silk, wool, acetate, cotton, polyester, even knits.. These might be useful for quilts, right? A friend makes quilts for the homeless, so I'll ask her if she wants them after they're washed.. The grubbiest ones will be tossed into File 13...

A few have famous names on them, but I don't expect they're worth anything now..



  1. 2ndhouse's Avatar
    I love neckties. I made a skirt for our 7 year old grandaughter. As she grows, I have cut it apart and added a necktie. These ties are from my Father in Law.
    I take the short end of the tie (cut off a few inches of the wide part) and fold and wrap the tie around to make a flower pin. Put a pin back on and you are set with a nice accent or gift. Then I take the wide part and cut off 4" or so. Then make this the arms, add a wooden head and hair, and you have an angel to hang up.
    I am obsessed with ties. I go to the thrift shops and buy them all!!!
  2. owlvamp's Avatar
    I want to make a turkey quilt from them and a different quilt. Would love to have some if friend doesn't want them. Just PM to let me know. Thanks
  3. nancia's Avatar
    you could make a wonderful dresden plate quilt, or a crazy quilt. DON'T wash them! they will have to be drycleaned and it's easier, and less expensive to clean as a quilt​ . excuse my shouting but i wanted to stop you right away!
  4. Jeanniebeanie's Avatar
    I have just taken apart many silk neckties and am wondering what if anything can be done with the inside interfacing and the facing on the pointy ends of the ties. Does anybody have a use for these? Let me know. Sydneyjay

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