I admit it. I'm a fabric hoarder. And I'm glad I am.

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by , 02-18-2012 at 06:31 AM (2016 Views)
A few days ago I stopped into one of our Walmarts to look for a particular notion and while I was there anyway ... I just HAD to take a look through the fabric!

Let me back up a bit. My FIRM rule for shopping for fabric at Walmart is to never, not ever, pay more than $3.99 a yard, and if it's cheaper, all the better. That said, I've really increased my stash exponentially at this store. Much of that is thanks to my husband who loves to dig through the bolts and more often than not comes up with nice prints at $1.50/yard!

No more.

Most of the fabrics there were just under $8! Some were quite nice, but not nice enough to spend $8. So, sad to say, but goodbye Walmart. I know a lot of ladies buy fat quarters there, but ours doesn't have any that are nice. And I usually buy yardage anyway.

This weekend Joann was having the President's Day sale. Since my husband served in the Marines we would get an extra 20% off. There are two Joann stores that we go to. One is about 40 minutes away, but they have a huge, well stocked Red Dot section and I knew that all the fabrics there would be 50% off. So off we went. I was shocked to see that the section looked as if it were the end of the weekend. I still found some nice fabrics at great prices, but when I asked the cutting table lady about it she said they wouldn't be getting in much for the Red Dot section due to rising fabric costs.

My husband looked at me and said, it's a good thing you're a fabric hoarder. Think of all the $1.50- $3.00 yardage you've got.

He's right. Fabric can go up to $40/yard and I'll still have plenty. And there are always estate sales ...


  1. erstan947's Avatar
    I agree....I limit what price is too much! I will not live long enough to get all my fabrics into quilts.....but I'm giving it my best effort
  2. ICU_FOSTERMOM's Avatar

    I agree...I probably will not live long enough to use up all the fabric that I have here. I don't even look at fabric any more. When I get email from don't even open it any more. I am afraid I will see a fabric that I will fall in love with and " have to have ". So If I don't look, I won't be tempted to buy . That is the only way that I can control myself .
  3. mizkyp's Avatar
    I to am a fabric hoarder. Some of it is just to pretty to cut. When I find something on sale I figure I am saving money if I buy it. Happy Quilting...
  4. AliciaH's Avatar
    I keep telling my mom that she's playing the "She who has the most fabric when she dies, wins" game.
  5. patski's Avatar
    I went to the Wal Mart here and they had some wonderful fabric (kids themes) for $4.00 a yard, it is really nice quality. Made in the USA!! Some of the other stuff was total junk and came from China
  6. Krystyna's Avatar
    Patski, I wish I were near your Walmart! This weekend I went to Joann and found some very nice cottons in the Red Dot section. With my 20% off coupon I got plenty for about $2.50/yard.
  7. mavisstuckless's Avatar
    Hi, I'm so glad there are other fabric hoarders out there. I also have a huge stash but unfortunately I 90% completed a project and found myself short on one fabric. I ordered it last year from Connecting Threads. It's called Weybridge Antique from the Canterbury by Country Essentials series that was featured in their Winter 2011 magazine. If anyone has about 1/2 yard in their stash I would really appreciate if I could purchase it.

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