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I am doing Feathers. . . Yay!

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by , 12-26-2017 at 07:24 AM (248 Views)
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Ok ... this is the First time I have done feathers on a project. Being the 'I want it now' type of girl that I am, I practice very little and jump right in and to learn what to or not to do as I go. I will admit, I did "practice" this twice before on this quilt before settling on my third run. The first time around I sewed around my starting corner sewed about 4" across the top, hated the way it looked, ripped it out and started over. The second time around I started in the same place but went to the first row of sashing. . . didn't like it so much either and again ripped it out and started over. I don't know what happened between attempt 2 and 3 but I started liking my final attempt so I stuck with it. And I am proud to say that while the feathers still intimidate me a little, I am making it work and am pleased with how they are turning out. I am quilting this for an aunt who made the top and it just screamed it needed feathers and cross-hatching. . . so I that is what I am doing.

I think it will be a cool reversible quilt when it is done since she wanted a solid cream back on it. And she made two of these quilts, different colors, same layout, so I will get to challenge my creativity a second time around. There will be no feathers on the next one as I want them to look different in the quilting since the pattern of the quilt is the same.

Happy Quilting.
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