I am downsizing

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by , 08-03-2012 at 08:27 AM (773 Views)
Yesterday,I was reading about one of our members that is moving and is trying to downsize.
After reading all those that responded saying that downsizing was the best thing that ever happened to them, I went right to my sewing room and started cleaning.

I threw out lots of things, had 3 bags for charity, took pics of items and listed them on our local buy and sell.
I dusted and cleaned as I went.
I put aside a LOT of smaller fabric pieces to be cut into squares/rectangles for scrap quilts.
Today I am cutting those squares/rectangles.
It feels so good to have a lot of the 'stuff' gone and the rest organized.

Maybe next week, I'll tackle the other rooms and see what I don't really use/need.

Back at it!
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