I am exhausted but glad that

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by , 04-09-2012 at 05:00 PM (1554 Views)
I put 41 bales of pine needles around the house, as mulch in NC. Tomorrow I will get packed to go with a friend to the Caymans. In the meantime my best quilting buddy & GD are coming for a few days while her flooring is being out in. Hope to play cards, laugh alot and eat bad things that hubby cooks. LIFE IS GOOD...NO WONDERFUL
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  1. QuiltingKrazy's Avatar
    Funny thing about pine needles. I grew up in FL where we had more pine needles than any one could want. I hated rake those things! Then we move to NC and people are actually paying good money for pine needles! I'd pay you to haul them away in FL!!!

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