I am sick over my mistake!!!

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by , 04-28-2013 at 11:20 AM (1227 Views)
I am trying to Free Motion Quilt, I made the sherbet colored quilt, I bought one of those purple pens where I traced the design onto the fabric. WELL...I also have a purple pen that is a purple dye pen... and well I picked up the wrong pen ( they look exactly alike!!!!!) I traced the design on 4 squares and well now it will not wash out - obviously. I was making this quilt for my Mom for Mother's day. I have tried alcohol, hair spray, even acetone, I have one more thing to try, Crisco. I need to get to the store and get some. Does anyone have any other ideas???? I am justr sick over this. (trying not to beat myself up over it)
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  1. debbiemarie's Avatar
    Ahhhhh!! I got it off with GooGone. OMG
  2. quiltmom12's Avatar
    So glad to hear it...I can only imagine how you must've felt!
  3. cpatterson411's Avatar
    WONDERFUL I would have never thought of that. I was going to suggest OxyClean. It really does work as the commercials say. I spilled chocolate on my rug (light cream) and it disappeared as advertised. I love that stuff. I am sure your Mom will be thrilled with her new quilt.
  4. debbiemarie's Avatar
    Thanks, I will give OxyClean for laundry, sounds good. I am so relieved it's all out and I am still on track for my Mother's day gift.
  5. debbiemarie's Avatar
    I was desperately searching the house for something to remove the dye, when my husband came home and suggested the Goof Off, he had in the garage. I am sorry I said, Goo Gone before, I meant to write Goof Off. It took it all right off. I need to get some Oxyclean to remove stains from my carpet too.
  6. Angel Works's Avatar
    My friend said to use Colgate whiteing toothpaste with perioxide and baking soda in it and use an electric toothbrush. She says it works great. Worth a try.
  7. franceseugenia's Avatar
    Don't leave oxyclean on too long as it will leave holes in your fabric.

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