I have inVESTed heavily in these.....

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Size:  161.7 KBThe last 2 Christmas gifts I made this year were for 2 of my sewing sisters. I call it a ‘vest’ even tho it really isn’t a vest. After I made them for my sisters, I liked them so much I decided I had to have one too. Aprons don’t really work for me, but I don’t always have pockets for all my ‘stuff’ so I designed this to hold the things I tend to misplace (phone, Ipod, scissors, reading glasses, measuring tape, etc.) while I’m sewing. I also added a small pin cushion (I don’t like the one you wear on your wrist) for those stray pins that often end up on the floor. I quilted them to give them enough ‘body’ to handle the weight of all the ‘stuff’. It just comes down to your waist so the pockets won’t get lost in your lap as you work. I just finished mine this afternoon so I can’t tell you how well they are going to work out yet.
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  1. erstan947's Avatar
    How cool is that??????very clever and sew handy!
  2. ECK Design's Avatar
    LOVE this idea!!!!
  3. BRenea's Avatar
    I love your idea...what you have made is basically a chatelaine, but bigger, better and more useful. Now I want to make one for myself!
  4. Brigitte's Avatar
    love this idea. Great job
  5. StarofMoonDancer's Avatar
    Would love to have you email me pattern I need one of those I lose my head if it isn't attached. Those are lovely. Great job.
  6. annies-best's Avatar
    LOVE THIS I have make me one. I have been taking my PJ's apart to put pockets in them BC some days i don't get dressed this is perfect.
  7. kiffie2413's Avatar
    Love this idea!! They are so cute, and to also be so useful, what a superb idea.
    Updated 04-17-2012 at 05:15 PM by kiffie2413
  8. mom2boyz's Avatar
    Did you ever do a tut on these? I remember seeing this post and just looked it up again as I am now in the market for one. Would you mind sharing a few measurements such as how wide the back collar piece is. I love this idea and think I will finally have time to make one. Thanks

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