I hope she will help a child with cancer

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I wanted to post 3 I just got done today. I used 3 different skin tones and have to say I am dissappointed with the face of the darkest skinned doll. I had two shades of brown for her eyes and used the lighter, but they don't show worth a darn, and that is such a shame. I think I'm going to try to find one a couple shades lighter, but in my little town that may not be possible. We'll see. I'll just remove the eyes she has on the regular dress side. I think the nightgown side is okay as it only shows her sleepy look. I'll repost when she is fixed as the dolls are otherwise, pretty in my opinion. The eyes just don't look right on that one. Sending anyway, and hope to get 3 boys done in the next week and a half, to go with the girls and send to the American Cancer Society.

I can't figure out how to do pictures on this new forum. I got pictures of dressy part of dolls and nightgown part but see no place to add pictures now.

Sorry, but at least you guys following this will know I made 3 more dolls for giving to the ACS.

Vickey Stamps (AKA wordpaintervs)
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    you have to use html codes to add pictures to you blog. did you ever have a myspace? codes like you used there to post things to your page. I started a free account to photobucket.com. You create an account, You upload your pictures. It generates html codes. It's the 4th code they offer. Hope this helps. Or, if anyone knows of a different way, I'm open to hear it.
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    Would adding a bit of white to the brown lighten the eyes at all. Maybe try a piece of scrap first.

    And, I'm sure any chilld would love a doll to cuddle at a very stressful time. I'm sure it will give them a bit of comfort. How sweet of you to send them a hug in the form of a doll.
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    found a lighter color and used twice the thickness and it shows up much better. The doll got sent off to a 3 year old in Arizona today and will be there Tuesday. I think both dresses looked really nice and colorful and hope she will like them.

    Thanks for the comments. I need to find eyes I can embroider by hand that will work better. I wish I were a painter ad could just paint on a pretty face for the dolls. I have gotten compliments on the simple embroidered ones however.


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