I need motivation.

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by , 03-22-2012 at 09:14 AM (1044 Views)
After a year of being ill, my mother recently passed away. I have not been sewing much during that year and now find I can't get motivated to do any. A good friend of mine has tried to get me going--we go to a PIP class at our local quilt shop once a month but even that hasn't done it. Love going, chatting with friends and seeing what they are doing but . . . . . ? I even started reorganizing my sewing room but still nothing. Any advise you can share would be helpful. Thanks.
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  1. nnewman's Avatar
    Could you be depressed? I usually sew almost everyday but found with a recent bout of depression that I just lost all motivation and interest. It was a sign for me that I was experiencing some depression.
  2. OCquilter's Avatar
    I am so sorry for the loss of your Mother. Life hurts so much sometimes.
    After my sister suddenly passed away, I inherited all her stash...fabric,ribbon,beads,fibers and anything else you can imagine.
    It took a little while but I started making small seasonal wall hangings and always used as much of her stuff as I could. Lots of tears but also therapeutic. Still, it will be a hole in my heart forever.
  3. AnnieF's Avatar
    I agree with the other comments about how depression hurts, but you asked for help in getting started quilting. I recently had the same block on my interest and told myself that I was going into my quilt studio and just sewing something for 15 minutes. It doesn't matter what you're sewing together....just pick a few squares and sew. What I can do anything for 15 minutes!!....and a little bit of a spark can ignite your interest. Give it a go!
  4. fayeberry's Avatar
    I am sorry for your loss. My parents died last year 28 days apart. It took months before I sewed again.. ..Remember the time your mother was ill was a stressor also. You probably had a lot of grief for a long time. I believe when I started back it was with a pot holder....
    God bless you in these difficult days.
  5. jlw's Avatar
    I am sorry for your loss. I had a friend who got back into quilting after the death of her mother by making a special quilt and donating it in her mother's name to Project Linus. She knew this is something her mother would have loved. Maybe something like this would help???
  6. w7sue's Avatar
    So sorry for your loss - it is very difficult to get back in the quilting habit sometimes. I fell and broke my arm and was unable to quilt for almost a year! I spent so much time just sitting around (probably depressed and not even knowing it). It has been hard to get motivated again ... start slow and small ... I am so motivated now that I have even become "addicted" to applique ... go figure! Will say a prayer that time will help. Keep going to your local quilt shop - I know mine has been an answer to prayer when I am feeling blue.
  7. abdconsultant's Avatar
    See your healthcare provider, Take care of yourself & take time to grieve. You will get back in the game, don't rush it. Praying for you!
  8. adnil458's Avatar
    I encourage you to start making mini quilts for (Alzheimers Art Quilt Initiative). They are no more than 9 inch by 12 inch...can be less. Many times I use an orphan block from previous project or want do a block (but not the entire quilt). Usually I can do one in an afternoon, register it on website, mail it off & KNOW it helps the cause. They can be as simple or elaborate as you like...see some of mine

    Just sew a nine patch scrappy block together each day....won't take long and you will get something accomplished.

    Being a caregiver is not easy. My Mom was sick with cancer less than 2 months and she is the only one I was was caregiver for. She was caregiver for two of my brothers, knowing they would die. Then another died from unexpected....and broke her heart. From 1987 to 2009, I have lost both parents and three brothers.

    If you are dealing with depression, know you are not alone. Helping others will make you feel better. I also volunteer for the Red Cross with Blood Drives and I donate platelets (which helps cancer and transplant patients).

    PM if you need to talk ))))
  9. read2me1989's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for the thoughtful comments. I am trying to get back into sewing a little at a time. I actually had one whole day with no one needing me and I sat at the sewing machine & worked on a small project. It is very fulfilling to accomplish something and I hope I can continue. I did print off the info. about the AAQI quilts. I will look into it further. Thanks again.

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