I picked up a Graybar today

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by , 10-08-2012 at 10:17 PM (526 Views)
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I need another machine to sit in line waiting to be worked on like we need to increase the national debt but, hey, you know how it is when you see a machine, especially one that isn't double grungy and is in a cabinet, which needs work big time (stripping and refinishing for sure) and is only $20, you do what you gotta do and offer them $10. When they say OK, you ask if the little stool goes along (with the attachments inside the stool) and it is another yes, you whip out that money and hurry out the door with the machine and stool before the person can change their mind. It was too late to really look it over but I did check in the store (quickly) to see if all the essential parts seemed to be there. Bobbin case, slide plates, etc. check. Wiring on the check there but I have a DH who is great at that kind of thing. Tomorrow I will look closer but I think the book, yes there was one in the stool, said R-40,

Comments? a keeper or boat anchor?
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