I sooooo don't blog well.

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by , 11-03-2011 at 06:40 PM (724 Views)
I have always thought no one wants to read a travel log of my life, why would I blog? I don't sew every day, why would I blog here?? But since I am trying to change my attitude to "the glass is half full" thinking, why not?
I have decided to try to post a question or observation regarding life each day that might elicit a response so I can find out how many people out there think like me (I'm betting we are in the minority) and how many people have a better outlook or attitude than I have. Today at work, I had a coworker compliment me in such an accusatory way I didn't know how to respond. She was over in my area and she said in a rather loud voice in front of other people (not nurses) that I was the smartest nurse in the practice. Now what do you do with that comment. If you agree out loud, you look arrogant. I wasn't going to respond with "no you are" because it is juvenile and not true. It was really almost like she was daring me to deny it so "thank you" wasn't really appropriate. I finally responded with "I wouldn't say that, we all have our talents".

But to tell you the truth, I AM THE SMARTEST NURSE and I am tired of apologizing for it. I certainly don't have the highest pedigree. I don't have the most education, but I am continually learning. I like to learn and I like to teach. I have 16 years of experience as an oncology nurse and have had the privilege to work with doctors who like to teach. I also go to dinner meetings where they talk about the new drugs and almost daily the drug reps come to our office with lunch and want to teach about their drugs. These other nurses have those same opportunities to learn but they don't take advantage of them.

Tell me how you would respond or share a similar experience and how you have responded. Keep your responses constructive (or at least funny) lol and I think we can all learn from this.
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  1. Lv2sew2011's Avatar
    I don't blog well either, my spelling sucks and so does my English...LOL but I'm giving the blog a try as well!

    I think you handle it well.
  2. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Hi Stacey dear friend. So glad I found your blog. I know you wiull always have something to say. There is nothing wrong with being proud that you take the time to do continual education. They called me over acheiver all the time, even now wiht my quilting classes. I just remark.....the more I learn the more I can pass on.
    I know in your field of oncology, and from talking to you in person, you are very knowledgeable. I can tell and hear it when you speak. Be proud it shows. SO when someone tosses a compliment your way, just smile and say thank you.
    So check your emails because you and I won a half price retreat at Aldridge inn in Vanalstyne of somewhere like that and we can have 6 -12 people to get half price too. Might want to get together and set our next retreat. Fun...
    Tell SYbil hello for me. She was a joy to meet. Wish she would join here also.
    Hugs. I am going back to bed's almost 3am. Meds are keeping me awake now.
    Just found out monday, my mom's BF of almost 20 yrs have pancreatic cancer and has for 2-3 years. Not sure what's happening there. But like you, I will read up on it and see. He is 81 so njot interested in chemo. Waiting to find out what kind of cancer cells. ((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))
  3. Joanieu's Avatar
    Good afternoon Acesgame - I would have said just "thank you" to your co-worker for the compliment. You should be proud of your accomplishments and don't let anyone take you down. You ARE smart and caring... Hopefully I won't have a broken foot next retreat - not hopefully, I WILL NOT have and will be able to walk around, etc. I really hated that I had to miss this last one. But there is plenty of time for all us to get together again. Have a wonderful day... HUGS
  4. dublb's Avatar
    Hey Stacy I found you!! I think you handled your situation quit well!

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