idea for a small project for guild

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by , 03-02-2013 at 05:33 PM (477 Views)
Does anyone have a good idea for a small guild project?
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  1. MJ715's Avatar
    Fast and quick are Microwave buddies. You put the bowl you want to microwave in it and the fabric doesn't get hot. No burnt fingers. Only requires two ten inch pieces of fabric and cotton batting.
  2. Jude's Avatar
    Our guild makes baby quilts for local hospital NeoNatalIntensiveCareUnit (NICU) and everyone loves them. They've requested they be large enought to cover the isolets, keeping out the bright lights. Another projects is small, stuffed hearts which are given to patients ready for surgery or under stressful conditions - or their family member. They hang onto them, squeeze them and are told by the person giving to them, they're with them all the time. Sometimes we spend an hour sharing with each other a skill we've mastered. It's all about helping each other - and others.

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