INFO: FMQ Guidance using Regular Sewing Machine

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by , 05-07-2011 at 03:52 PM (569 Views)
Hi Jazz, Welcome to the board. Do a search on the board for Free motion Quilting or FMQ. Also go to Leah Day's website, Daystyle designs for lots of trips and tricks and how to's for FMQ on a domestic sewing machine. You need a special foot called a hopping foot, also known as embroidery foot. If you can find an open type for your machine that increases your visibility alot! Here is a link to Leah's website:

Leah does it totally freehand with no marking. I like to have a marked design to follow when I FMQ on my domestic. I now have Longarm machine and do both marked and unmarked free hand. Some people only need to mark a few final references like a spine of a feather and then can fill in the details free hand. Have fun!

Edited to add, you can also go to the library and see if they have Harriet Hargraves book "Heirloom machine quilting". She lays it all out from your very first stitches to elaborate feathers. Very, very good reference tool and worthy of the investment of purchasing your own. You can find them used on Amazon for a very reasonable price.
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