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by , 07-11-2013 at 03:34 AM (1486 Views)
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I was just clicking around and found this, with what I thought was a VERY interesting corner. I can usually make anything quilty that I see a pic of, so in case there is anybody else here who can do the same(and wants to), here it is. For all I know, the person who had this on her site may actually be a member here. If so, GOOD JOB!
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  1. owlvamp's Avatar
    This quilt is extremely cute. I love the colors and how you made it.
  2. Judith1005's Avatar
    This is adorable. It just brings a smile to your face.
  3. lphilib's Avatar
    Love the corners!! Very girlie!!
  4. MaryR's Avatar
    Cute quilt. Nice sewing and quilting. Pattern please.
  5. buckingtrout's Avatar
    This quilt is absolutely adorable... I have wondered what to do with the leftover 30's dresden spikes I had left over from my plate quilt, never thought to use them on a baby quilt... hope you don't mind but I'm going to borrow this idea for one of my own.

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