Interesting Discovery - Photos on Fabric - Big Difference

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by , 08-10-2012 at 04:21 AM (1375 Views)
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Let me start by saying I am not affiliated with any company that produces photo fabric sheets.

I am making a memory quilt and started printing some pictures on one brand of photo sheets...then I ran out of that brand and used some Printed Treasures brand that I also had on hand.

I was shocked at the difference in quality. One is whiter, sharper, more intense color! So I had to call and order more of the first brand. The one that had the better quality does cost more, but to me it is worth it! It is called Betty's Photos on Fabric...she had some problems with her website and I couldn't find I called her and she shipped them right out to me. Her phone number is 909-987-3341. I am using the cotton sheets...I think she sells others. I originally found her at a quilt show.

Here are a couple pictures to show the difference.
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  1. Suzan88's Avatar
    Hi, I thought it was my printer that wouldn't produce sharp images on fabric when I tried Printed Treasures. It does say it doesn't do well with photo ink rather than standard ink so I gave up. I think I might give your contact a go. thanks for the information.
  2. Juniors_Sister's Avatar
    I am very much interested in making a memory quilt and have have been exploring the differences in fabric sheets. So what is the name of the sheets that worked better for you? Ultimately I will try them for myself, but just so I know the name of another brand to try. My Goddaughter has just started ballet and I can't wait to put her picture on the material so precious. Patty

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