Izy's Folded Fabric Tutorial!

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by , 03-17-2013 at 08:43 AM (1936 Views)
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So many of you have requested a tute on how I made the cushion in this topic:


So here it is!

Please bear with me while I post pictures through several posts as there are a LOT!!

I made a couple of boo boo's!! I am sure you will spot them!.. It clearly is a case of do as I say NOT as I do LOL!
:roll: :lol:

Hope you all have fun with this technique!

Draw 1" lines onto your interfacing, and cut fabric 1.5" wide by required length, in three different colours
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Oops! Not a good start! Stitch two of the fabric strips for the pleat right sides together down the length. Chain piece them all to make it go quicker!
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Press the seams open, then fold right on the seam, right sides out and press again
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Lay a strip of the Background fabric, right side up, on the interfacing butting the length right up against the first drawn line on the left of the interfacing
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Now lay your first pleat directly on top of background strip, all raw edges butting up to drawn line
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Now add your 2nd background fabric directly on top of the pleat right side down.
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Stitch a 1/4" seam from the drawn line - a 1/4" foot is great for this as you can't see your throat plate markings for the interfacing!
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Here you can see all layers lined up perfectly with the line just before sewing
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First seam done!
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Lift up the top background strip and fold over the interfacing and iron so it touching the next drawn line
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Here, you can see the first pleat, stitched between two background strips
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Lay next pleat onto folded up background strip
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Add another background pleat directly on top as before.
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Stitch a 1/4" seam from the drawn line as before.
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Continue in this way until you have completed filled the interfacing.
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Back side, I chose to trim up at this stage so it looked nice and neat on the tutorial..big mistake as you will find out soon!
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All perfectly trimmed back??? hmmmmm!
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Draw a line and stitch straight down the centre of the pleats, work with the flow of the pleats is easiest!
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Centre stitching can be done with fancy stitches as I did on the cushion if you prefer
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Next, Pin back each pleat to reveal the under side.
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Here's the boo boo! When I turned it over and trimmed it up, I accidently cut through the last pleat so I suggest you DON'T trim up at this stage LOL!!
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Draw a line and stitch through the points ...yes I know I didn't sew through mine but I should have been paying more attention!
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Both sides stitched, one side better than the other!
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Trim back to a couple of threads less than 1/4" so that this seam will be hidden in the seam allowance.
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There you have it! I told you it was easy!
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And remember, you can use either side of your pleat, mix them up and twist the pleats in opposite directions, there are LOTS of possibilities with this technique!!
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