January 1, 2012

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by , 01-01-2012 at 08:03 PM (1047 Views)
It's the new year already. The first day. And on the 29th I will turn 56 and I was born in 1956....A little trivia.
I am excited I found a surgeon so close and hope my elbow isn't so bad he won't do the surgery either. I am ready for no pain and being able to move arm more than 45 degrees.
I wasn't able to log on here all day fro some reason.....maybe it was down a bit.
Today was so nice. I did some cleaning and then reorganizing, and finished a book I started and started yet another one. I'll be so glad to quilt again.
Joanieu called today and she is coming over tomorrow as soon as I get back from having Annabelle's stitches out. We'll hang out here and visit.

This is going to be another great year....I can feel it.

I hope my mom and her other half make it thru his cancer without too much sorrow. It will be a hard time. We have no idea how much time but he has declined so much. Then My sister and I will have to decide who wiill take her. I want her here with me but she loves her I may have to do the week up there, then bring her here, and go back and forth. Then when she gets so bad she doesn't remember, we can move her here permanently. I would love to have her here to take care of her. This is what I have planned all along.
She will be 81 in February.

Everyone have a great evening. I am off to read more. DH went to bed early again, which is usual.
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