Jelly Rolls Quilts

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by , 02-06-2013 at 08:36 AM (895 Views)
So I am very new to quilting but not to sewing. I make baby blankets with batting, tie them and add binding. I would like to try a quilt but not sure where to start. I have read many of the posts and it seems that string quilts or jelly roll quilts are the way to start. So is it better to buy a jelly roll or buy fabric and cut your own strips? have no stash to start from.

Thanks for the advice and help!
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  1. squires1042's Avatar
    with no stash its probably cheaper to buy a jelly roll, getting enough fabric even if you bought a minimum quarter yard of 40 fabrics, that's 10 yards, which would make 3 jelly rolls with 2.5 inch strips. But the cost at $10 a yard would $100. So it depends what you want to accomplish.
  2. sewmany's Avatar
    I agree with squire1042. Or you can pick a 2 or 3 color design pattern . Soon enough you will see your stash grown.
    good luck and post picture.
  3. buckingtrout's Avatar
    Just an idea if you go the jelly roll way to begin. There's a great book out that lets you make 2 small quilts from a 40 piece jelly roll... each done with a minimum additional purchase of background (like white) or accent fabric. Name of book is *Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts* by Pam & Nicky Lintott. There are 18 different designs, all using one half a jelly roll (20 strips) and a small amount of additional fabric (like solid white), and the designs for the most part are beginner quilter friendly.

    A great way to save money to buy jelly rolls is to try sites like Ebay or Etsy where you can get them for less than it would cost you to purchase at your local fabric store (even with shipping costs). Also websites like usually have jelly roll sets on sale.

    Hope this helps... happy quilting.
  4. buckingtrout's Avatar
    Just another thought, if you run across 5-6 piece fat quarter bundles, Terry Atkinsons *Yellow Brick Road* pattern is fantastic to make one of a kind baby quilts with only 6 fat quarters and a border fabric of a yard or so... and you will have a bit of scrap left over to build small stash of leftover useable pieces with each quilt you make.

    The most unlikely place I've found good quality fabric to make this quilt has been at *Wal-Mart* where major fabric companies have sold last year's leftover fabrics bundled to sell in coordinated sets.

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