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Jewelbox Quilt for IHN Charity

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by , 05-27-2014 at 04:27 PM (761 Views)
Hello all,

we are doing another one of our chat room group quilts. This time we thought donating to a charity would be fun! Playswithcolor participates in a charity called IHN. It is an interfaith charity that helps homeless families. There are several churches who participate. They basically provide food (3 meals) and a safe place to sleep for 13 families to help them get back on their feet.

They have a yearly fundraiser in October. So it would be great if we can donate a quilt to them from our chat room that they can raffle/auction off to raise money.

We (the few in chat at the time) decided that a Jewelbox quilt would be best. It is very basic units (4 patch and HST's) You may donate as many or as little as you can. If you would like to participate but can not afford fabric for this, please PM me and I will ensure you have what you need to participate. I will be backing and quilting this quilt.

Ok so here are the particulars:
Jewelbox Quilt ( )

Kona black (please use only kona black (not jet) to ensure we have relative consistency in the solid backing)
Bright Saturated colors. Variety is important so get your scraps out

Blocks should be 8.5ins total.

Will attach instructions on constructing blocks soon.
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  1. Rosehawk's Avatar
    Sheep just told me about this. I'm more than willing to help. I need to check my stash, but I don't have much.
  2. CarolynMT's Avatar
    Ok here is the pattern........ just click on the name and it should open a PDF version.

    Jewelbox Pattern
    Updated 06-02-2014 at 05:29 PM by CarolynMT
  3. Rosehawk's Avatar
    Thanks Carolyn. This is actually a pattern that I have bookmarked as one I'd like to do some day ( version).
  4. pmkbecker's Avatar
    i would like to to do things like that...

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