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jonome 1600p db

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by , 03-03-2012 at 01:45 PM (425 Views)
I have a 1600p db and I have tried everything. I keep getting a row of nesting on the bottom of my quilt. Please someone help me!!
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  1. colores's Avatar
    Sounds like your top tension. Could be a piece of thread in the tension disk/guide. Start with a new bobbin and re thread after you have cleaned real good with a vacuum. Lots could be the problem. Usually tension is the bad guy. Is your spool in correctly with no pull on it? Is the bobbin in correctly and wound correctly? Never wind thread over another thread. The needle might need replacing. If all is correct you might need to get the drag/pull off the quilt by supporting it, the combo of hands moving and foot pedal is something that takes a fair amount of practice. Maybe you have all this right, just remember top tension is watched looking at the underneath of the quilt. I wish you well my friend.
  2. Maggimae's Avatar
    Tension is the problem but a friend of mine just had her machine checked and it was the tension spring on the bobbin that had to be replaced.

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