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I was reading this thread and went and did a research for Georgia. I will do a small tut here to help her out.


If you would like to try this quilt, go to the thread above and download the pdf that I uploaded.

Now here is the beginning of the block. I have never done this one before so I will post as I go along.

First, gather up all different fabrics or go to the link posted in the thread above to look at her quilt. Cut six wedges and six background.

I mark the centers of each one by just folding over and pressing a crease. There are three creases in the background and one crease for the middle of the wedges.

Pin the middle of one wedge to the middle of one background and pin through the 1/4 inch seam allowance at both ends.

Sew three wedge to one background, two wedges to 4 backgrounds and one wedge to one background (pics below).

I just set them together to see if they are ok. I will have to make at least three more blocks before deciding on the sewing together.

I will not square them off as I will leave them rounded at the edge.
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