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by , 06-17-2013 at 04:39 AM (1009 Views)
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Size:  607.8 KBSome may remember back in 2010 I did a $120.00 DYI of my ugly kitchen until we could afford to have it totally redone. I had those ugly 1970 lamimate cabinets, old appliances, laminate countertops...well my redo was awesome, painted the cabinets white with special cabinet paint, sprayed my countertops and then coated them with clear poyurathine (how ever that is spelled) put on knobs and lasted 4 years and even would be longer, but we saved, and saved and decided to finally do another upgrade, which will be our last oh just FYI...thae 20.00 countertop that I sprayed with stone paint still looked good...the contractors were amazed and counld not believe how real they looked. Well here we go.....Day 1 - Clean out day, took off knobs, cleanned out drawers, counters and ready to contractors.

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Size:  667.3 KBDay 2 - this was what I cam home to after work...they found two dead mice, thankfully they got rid of them before I got home. Appliances in my livingroom. I have to admit though they were clean...all dust and everything removed...they had a dump truck ready and took it all away.
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