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    Also , you can take a picture of the plate with your camera and download it to your computer and then print it out.
    Sort of make your own pattern!
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    Oops, the photo didn't arrive with that last post. By the way, there is no significance in the different colours of paper, it was what I was drawing on at the time, or what came to hand when I had a particular idea.

    My floral Basket of Flowers for the centre block of my Delft Quilt
    Attachment 36548
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    Good morning Lacelady,

    I am in love with your plates! I love the deep blue in the first one The second is pretty also.
    I like the square ones, need to look at them a little closer. Love the shapes!

    So , how long did you look at embroidery patterns? :lol: :lol:

    I spent 30 min just on the redworks!
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    After a lot of scribblings on the backs of old envelopes, and then two attempts at a design that could fill up a 24 inch square, this is what I came up with. My own take on a floral design that could be worked in shades of blue and white, so that I could end up with a Delft Quilt! (I hope that I am not putting off whoever ends up in my group)
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    A couple of the plates had some nice floral designs:

    This is a place by Spode, with some good possiblities for applique
    Attachment 36546

    This one was a gift from Spain
    Attachment 36547
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    Welcome to Lacelady's Place.

    I thought I would use this space to tell you what I am doing, and at the moment, I have just started my centre block for this year's International Round Robin. This is the first time I have ever taken part in such an undertaking, so I am admitting to a certain amount of nervousness about it.

    I spent a good while trying to decide what kind of quilt I wanted, and what to put in my centre block. My favourite colour is blue, so that was
  7. My PDA

    by , 09-15-2011 at 02:46 PM
    Page 428 - Drawings done by Debi
    Page 436, Block 16 experiments re bleach, AOTH
    Page 437/438, Block 8 AOTH
    Page 448, Blocks 14, 15, 16 AOTH
    Page 459, Blocks 17 and 20 AOTH
    Page 478, Block 10, all the pics AOTH
    Page 482, Blocks 21, 22, 23, and 26 AOTH
    Page 490, pics of narrow border in progress AOTH
    Page 494, pics of Blocks 28 and 29
    Page 532, pics of Blocks 2, 3, 4 and 5
    Page 553, pics of sashing embroidery design, and quilt assembed ...
  8. MISC.

    by , 06-15-2011 at 01:52 PM
    Page 214, Jane Stickle BOM, How I did my QAYG.
  9. AOTH

    by , 05-03-2011 at 07:56 AM
    Page 4, two pics of finished quilts.
    Page 5, my block 9.
    Page 16, my blocks, 8,9,10,11 and part of block 14.
    Pages 26 and 27, tutes on the embroidery and applique.
    Page 31, all the pics of Block 10
    Page 57, figures for enlarging blocks from 7"
    Page 82, block 14.
    Page 98, info re bleach products for treating batiks.
    Page 128, info re wide border.
    Page 130, info re heart infills and questions re narrow borders on page 490 of PDA
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