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by , 01-10-2012 at 08:48 AM (1670 Views)
I've been learning so much from all the excellent quilters here at the Quilting Board that I just can't help but be inspired to try new things.
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This weekend I pieced a table runner, something I decided I wanted in my kitchen. I downloaded a pattern from somewhere online, (sorry, I don't recall where.)

On Saturday I cut out the pieces, trying to match my green kitchen and dining room and mauve living room (it's open concept). Though the fabric looks brown in the picture, it has burgundy specs in it. I keep a pink vase on the table runner which makes it look more pink as well. I also sewed them together.

Sunday afternoon I trimmed the piece, hand-quilted a feather wreath into the center. Yesterday I machine quilted it, which is also new for me. Last night I sewed the binding while watching television.

I've also just finished reading all the tutorials for Electric Quilt--thanks Rhonda.

I learned that I could turn a quilt block I've chosen for a new project into foundation piecing, also a new skill I was introduced to here.

I have had EQ5 for years, but never really knew how to use it until recently. I didn't like it; didn't understand it; so I never used it. A few weeks ago at the urging of a quilting friend, I loaded it into my fairly new computer, not even knowing if it would load because it was so old. It did. I'm becoming much more familiar with it. With Rhonda's help, I'm even picking up a few tricks along the way, such as how to use foundation piecing for a block, and how to scan my own fabrics into my quilt design. I can't wait to do that, just to get a more accurate picture of what I want to accomplish.


  1. AFewLooseThreads's Avatar
    GORGEOUS! Love your color scheme and can't wait to see the final pictures!
  2. rural01's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AFewLooseThreads
    GORGEOUS! Love your color scheme and can't wait to see the final pictures!
    Thanks, I'm having great fun learning so many new things.

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