Letters from WWII

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by , 07-09-2012 at 04:50 AM (396 Views)
After my mom passed away three years ago, I found letters that my dad sent her when he was in WWII. I would like to do/make something special with them. Since my mom loved to sew, and I have sewn for many years (but am new to quilting) I would love any suggestions. I thought of transferring some of the letters onto fabric paper, but would the wording come out backwards? Don't necessarily want to make a big quilt. Any ideas? My creative mind is drawing a blank. Thanks!
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  1. w7sue's Avatar
    What a find!!!! I like the idea of transferring them to fabric - you might talk to someone in the local quilt shop. I live in Aloha, OR and the owner of our local shop does some beautiful things with that kind of stuff. I have never done anything like that so not a good resource. I would definitely save them in some kind of scrapbook.
  2. rmichap's Avatar
    You can use the prepackaged fabric that you run through your printer-check first so you will know if the fabric side is up or down when putting it in the printer. It will copy the letters exactly as you see the letter. Make sure to read the instructions first and see if you need to first heat set the fabric after coping it. Another way is to take the fabric you would like to use in the quilt or wall hanging and use freezer paper and iron the shiny side down against your fabric and then run it through the printer. I think you mom would love to get a keepsake like this.

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