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by , 06-17-2012 at 10:25 AM (2078 Views)
It seems like forever since I have posted to this blog. I have sew many projects floating around I decided it would be easier to set up several sewing machines with projects in laundry baskets near those machines with the set thread color handy. This way all I needed to decide was which machine I wanted to sit at that day.

Right!!! this was a good idea in theory but there is still only one of me and so many hours in a day. But I am still planning the multiple sewing machine idea as soon as I find some time.

So on to my life as a stripper. Ok let me explain myself (though secretly I wanna learn how to dance on a pole without breaking my neck). I'm strippin', that is I am making plenty of strip sets for my Perkiomen Daydreams quilt. Lots of them. The life of a stripper, get it. I needed something to do this weekend that didn't require too much thought. So a strippin' I went.

I was giving it a gander today of how many inches in strip sets (and yardage) I would need to make up the 400 five inch blocks made up of 25 one inch fin. blocks, that will complete this quilt.

Let's see if my math is correct: 400(blocks in quilt) x 25(squares in block) x 1.5" is 15,000 inches of fabric needed or quicker way to calculate is 10,000 (squares needed) x 1.5". Now to convert this into yardage let's say that 1 yard of fabric is 36" x 42". Dividing this yard into 1.5" squares i should get 672 squares per yard(24 length, 28 width) and dividing this into the 10,000 squares needed, I estimate approximately 15 yards of fabric needed. Is this possible? Could my math be correct? 15 yards of fabric, really?

So back to stripping I go. This quilt is certainly a labor of love and Jo-Jo (my 15-91) and I are having a blast.

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  1. jtquilts's Avatar
    I like your idea about setting up several sewing stations. I didn't think about it and set out to do it, but I have a machine set up for piecing and another for machine quilting. Now I have a choice and I am making progress on my stack of waiting for machine quilting projects! Have fun with your stripping!

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