Lighter Machine?

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by , 07-11-2013 at 10:09 AM (1133 Views)
Does anyone suggest any old sewing machine reliable that
is light weight for travel, and does at least zigzag? I see the
little singers for $100. but I can't think that it would last.
I am looking at yard sales, but even to get one and fix it up
is going to be $100.
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  1. NC Suzi's Avatar
    I have a cheap Kenmore. Think I paid a little over $100 for it 10 years ago and it still works fine. You could check Consumers Report. May have a recent article for sewing machines (that's how I got mine).
  2. banjergirl's Avatar
    The little Gem by newhome is a nice light machine.. if you can find a used one somewhere. the newer the better, try not to get the very first model.. they were clunky. The newer models are pretty nice.
  3. franklindixie's Avatar
    How about a new machine? the BabyLock BL9 is usually $129-$99, does ZZ & more. It's also NOT made in China & comes with a warranty
  4. Wounded warrior wife's Avatar
    Hi , I have severe back and neck problems. So before I buy machine I pick it up. That's when I bought janome. Light weight and built to last! Take to class too. Around 400 but worth every penny. Good luck, I have three now. One for class, piecing, and embroidery
  5. jdeery's Avatar
    I am going to sell my wares at a craft show. I have a few quilts and I am hoping to sell. I do have small novelty gift card holders that I think should sell. Anyone have suggestions on what is good to sell at craft shows these days?

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