The New Year 2015

In the beginning of the new year, I thought about what I have accomplished in the old and what I want to accomplish in the new. In the old, I have stopped sewing for a lot of the time as my grandson moved back in and had to make room for him. What was a storage room is now his bedroom. All storage contents ended up in my sewing room which cut back on space. Being somewhat creative I still was able to save me a spot for sewing and continue making quilts as I so desire. I have a lot to learn and by the looks of some folks here, I have a long way to go. Im assuming the rest of my life will not be boring in any way. We also here built a chicken coup and fenced in run for 8 chickens. I never raised chickens before so this was truly a learning experience but one that is quite enjoyable. Im averaging 8 eggs daily now and do love farm fresh eggs a lot more than the stingy shelled old ones you buy in the store. This also has prevented me from sewing as I wished. However, I now have the chickens for several months now and they are full grown and doing what chickens do best. Grandson keeps like from getting boring. oh to be young again. lol
In this new year, I plan on making my daughter who lives with her DH in Holland, a quilt in her desired colors. She told me most ppl there have all white interiors but decorate with lots of color. I just finished making her a table runner and plan to make co-ordinating hot pads too. I also want to make myself some place matts, napkins, and appliance covers with chicken fabric im collecting from various sources. I don't have any chicken decs inside my house and thought it would be fitting since I have the real thing. I also plan on making a few more quilts. I do have a box started of quilts im making my family as a remembrance of me someday. Many different styles and colors will go in there for whomever wishes for a quilt made by yours truly. Im hoping for a good, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous 2015 not only for me but for everyone else.*

  1. High Efficiency Washers

    by , 08-08-2013 at 06:40 PM (The New Year 2015)
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    I have a bosch frontloading washingmachine that is only 3.5 yrs old. Been having problems with it recently. It wont spin in the rinse cycle. Book says is due to either not large enough load or a larger item got tangled with smaller items. I have rechecked thsi over andover and put in different loads resulting with the same problem. Anyone else have this experience and if so , how did you correct it?
  2. Thanks to some ladies

    by , 08-06-2013 at 08:18 PM (The New Year 2015)
    Well today i had a wonderful surprise as i recieved a few packages in the mail from some ladies who have big hearts. I want to thank you all for your generosity and hopefully beable to return the favor some day. May God bless you all in every stitch you sew. With a grateful heart, I will use your gift wisely. One quilt on my wish list will be called a friendship quilt in memory of these kind ladies. Thanks again , you know who you are.
  3. Dinkys corners, In the beginning- part 2 The sewing room

    by , 08-04-2013 at 10:05 AM (The New Year 2015)
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    This is my sewing room for now. This area is 12'7x 7'6. I also have my computor desk in here as well. In time, i'm sure i will upgrade a few things but for now this has to do. The coffee pot is just around the corner. lol
  4. Dinky's corners-In the beginning

    by , 08-03-2013 at 04:09 PM (The New Year 2015)
    During the month of July, i contemplated heavily on returning to the world of quilting after 23 yrs. Since my family is raised and most have moved out and on with their lives, I now have a room to where I can hopefully make my dreams come true. My own "lil girlie cave". yessss. ahhhh so onward i got out some paint and repainted the room to the colors i had on hand. Top half of room is white and the bottom half is dark cherry with a border that matches soo perfectly. i forgot i had ...

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