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Links to Help with the New Board!

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by , 11-04-2011 at 03:49 AM (930 Views)
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Along with the announcement, Patrice posted a downloadable page of "old term=new term" things and six consecutive FAQ documents, the last of which is 11 pages long. The glossary and the last FAQ are still on the announcement page.

In addition, there are now help videos
and an entire QB Help Center

No one has said you are on your own and Patrice and the Mods are breaking their necks to help get members acclimated, along with everyone else who is sharing whatever they have learned so far. The developers are changing things as fast as they can and continue to make amazing progress on an hourly basis.

The universal thing that binds this community together is that none of us is ever "on our own" in anything...not ever...and that's exactly what makes us so strong.
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