Log Cabin Quilt for my Son!

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by , 07-15-2013 at 01:12 PM (777 Views)
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This was the first big quilt I have ever made and the first time doing a quilt as you go. I'm very pleased with the results! It was easy doing the QAYG, but time consuming attaching all the squares and doing the hand work on the back of the quilt. I will definitely do another QAYG because it is easier dealing with quilting a square as opposed to the entire quilt, but I won't do each square individually - I'll do it in strips. Now I've got to get fabric to make matching pillow cases next week. The entire quilt is quilted using stitch in the ditch. I chose that because I wanted the pattern of the colors to be highlighted, not the quilting.

My son loves his new quilt and that is what pleases me most. My family is making me enter this quilt in the county fair. Thank you to all of you who helped me figure out how to keep each block square. I spent a lot of time trimming after each round on each block, but it paid off as the quilt fit togther perfectly. It really does help to square up from the back of each block.

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Close up of each block.
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Back of the quilt.
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Close of the back of a block.
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A few years ago, I refinished the head board and foot board of my son's bed. The frame belonged to his great-great grandmother. I stripped off all the old lead paint and repainted the frame. The gold was painted by hand. I think this quilt compliments the bed perfectly. My next job is to paint his room and clean out old baby toys.
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  1. suzyq2154's Avatar
    Your beautiful quilt absolutely compliments the bed. Now, he has 2 heirloom treasures. What a lucky boy!
  2. quiltinglady-1's Avatar
    GrannyQuilter, your quilt is just beautiful! Which QAYG pattern did you use? I have done some blocks that were QAYG, but wasn't very pleased with the "sashing" results where they join. Any pointers on how to accomplish such nice, neat sashings as yours?

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