Long Arm is calling!! And could use some help on T-shirt quilt

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by , 11-02-2013 at 07:19 PM (1003 Views)
Just got home this evening from visiting my son & family--he starts a new job next week and that means he won't get the time off to come home for Thanksgiving. Loved see the kids--both are adorable! And just great seeing my son and his wife--she's struggling with some health issues post-delivery so things are little stressful for both of them.

And I have 3 customer quilts (my first!!) waiting to be quilted. I thought I knew just what to do with the one--but ended up "unsewing" the first block I did--just did not like it. So spent last Wed sketching out different designs. It is a "different" block but some gorgeous fabrics. And since the customer's usual quilter does fabulous feathers, I wanted to avoid them--both because I need to develop my own style, but also cause there's NO way I can do feathers like she does! (this quilter has been a wonderful mentor to me).
But now I have the design figured out--took my sketch pad with me on my visit to son's. And in the process figured out what I plan to do with the 2 crib quilts she also gave me to quilt.

Also spent most of WEd prepping a T-shirt quilt for my DH. He had a ton of T's he wanted me to use--way too many. I'll do both a tv throw and a twin size for those really cold nights in front of the tv. Nice thing about it is he's a big guy so his shirts are big and it means I don't have to make so many blocks! Bad thing was that he really wanted some well worn white shirts--I had to let them pre-soak in Cascade to get some of the stains out--some were just not budging--any ideas out there? So tomorrow I'll be sewing--around my after church nap!
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  1. aquiltersheart's Avatar
    Try Mike Rowes line Dirty Jobs laundry products. I have the stain remover and it works great. FYI: also tried his spray bathroom cleaner on my shower and the glass was clean when I came back, no scrubbing, just rinsed! Wow , love it.. The stain remover, I noticed on tough ones, I take my fingers or a small brush and lightly scrub the stain after spraying and it basically lifts it out in front of my eyes. God Bless, I have quilted a few T shirt quilts for clients in the past.

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