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by , 09-07-2013 at 12:20 PM (1205 Views)
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Ok, Lately I have been doing something when I load my quilts that is different.....cant figure it out. I float my tops (tried putting one on the rollers and it got all wonky) Anyhow, I baste the quilt down on the sides each time I advance. But lately when I get to the bottom, it is all wavey, like 2-3inches worth of waves.

I know the top is squared, somehow in the process of basting it, I am either stretching it too much or letting it get "taken in" too much. I just cant figure this out, so I can stop doing it......any ideas?
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  1. powelll's Avatar
    try measuring your quilt across the top, next to the take up roller. Then measure it along the backing roller each time you advance your quilt. These 2 measurements should be the same and stay constant throughout your quilting process.

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