Long Arm Sewing

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by , 10-28-2013 at 04:44 AM (1165 Views)
I am new to long arm sewing, I have done one quilt with the help of a friend. I heard there were blogs for longarmers, do any of you know of any sites that I might join or visit. I have had back surgery, any suggestions of what I might be careful of while quilting?
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  1. quiltingshorttimer's Avatar
    Congratulations! I started LA in June and just love it. About your back--I've had knee problems and also have to watch my LA time. I suggest you get some fatique mates for the floor to cushion. My LA friend that has back/shoulder problems gets help from her DH to load the quilts. I typically will load one day, then start quilting the next. I break my quilting into 2 hr chunks of time, once 2 hours are up I'll quit and go take a well deserved break--I may go back later that day, but not until I've sat and rehydrated. I've found that I get incredibly dehydrated while quilting--think its all the little fibers in the air. So I usually will have a water bottle to sip from, too. Some of the LA teachers suggest that you do some stretching exercises for back and shoulders before you start. All the LA teachers stress that you NOT be tense--lite "grip" (2 fingers!) on the handles, put on some music so you "dance" with the machine, etc. Good luck!
  2. ShiAnnF's Avatar
    Thank You for the information. They are certainly tips I will pay attention to.

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