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Longarm quilting question

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by , 08-05-2012 at 11:27 AM (917 Views)
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I never secure the quilt top to the roller. I always pin the backing to the rollers ( the take up roller and the bottom backing roller), lay the batting on top of the backing with the edge of the batting even with the edge of the roller. Then I come down on the batting about one and one-half inch and run a basting stitch across the batting to hold it in place on the backing. This basting stich is done with the channel lock on to give a true straight line of stitching. I then lay the quilt's top edge along the basting stitches just mentioneed and baste it in place. This way allows me to quilt all the way off the edge of the quilt top without a chance of stitching my quilt top to the roller fabric. At this point I tuck the batting down in between backing and the bottom quilt top roller. I then pin the bottom of the quilt top to my bottom quilt top roller and roll the top onto the bottom roller until the sandwich is snug and ready to quilt. I baste the sides as I quilt and roll the sandwich onto the takeup roller.
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