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Longarming for a business I'm scared to death

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by , 06-14-2013 at 04:43 AM (631 Views)
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Please keep posting of your success! I thought about it too but got stuck with the thought I would have to do a LOT of quilts to pay for the machine and each one would have to be quilted as perfectly as possible.
I know that we have to quilt 2 queen size quilts a month to make our payment, so it's not really that much. We padded our loan just a bit to pay for supplies as well.
The quilts I had custom work done were really done pretty well. The panto quilts were good too, but not perfect.
Don't give up if it's something you really want to do.
We're going to practice until we like what we see.
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  1. quiltingshorttimer's Avatar
    An inheritance from my Mom paid for a used Gammill set-up, 3 tubs of thread and many rulers--I just spent some $$ on a local ad for T-shirt quilts and custom quilts. Just finished my first customer quilt tonight. Since I retired in June, I'm hoping that quilting will offset my health insurance and quilting addiction. My biggest problem is selling myself(skills)--just not a born sales person. And my vision of what a quilt should look like quilted is still not always on par with my skill level--having to remember that when I get started!

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