Looking for the Amish dalia or Golden Glow Quilt Pattern

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by , 12-21-2013 at 04:19 PM (433 Views)
Hello, I am a newbie here, and I had seen and older post with the picture of the pattern for the Amish Dalia or Golden Glow quilt pattern...it goes by many names, and its a star with a flower and petals in the center... I did see a website with a pattern for it, but It looked different than the pattern I seen a lady post here...She had a page from a 1932 magazine with the pattern pieces on the page...I would love to have that exact pattern if anyone knows where I could get it... Thank you so much!
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  1. not2old2quilt's Avatar
    Hi Karen, I've found a book for the Amish Dahlia that is very similar to a quilt my grandmother made in the 1930s. The book is "Dahlia Quilts and Projects" by Cheryl Benner and Rachel T Pellman. My sister did a LOT of searching to identify the block and find the patter book. I do believe she found it on Amazon. Hope this helps.

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