Looking for Endless Maze

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by , 06-22-2013 at 06:27 PM (1350 Views)
I saved a picture of a quilt named Endless Maze, but now have no idea where I saw it and would like very much to find the pattern. Can anyone help? It seems to use an Attic Windows type block which is sewn in a diagonal, but this quilt has some variations within it which would make it very hard to build from scratch.
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  1. memathomas's Avatar
    can you post your picture of the picture you saved
  2. Nuclearnan's Avatar
    I'd love to, but don't know how. Will work on it.
  3. PWhack's Avatar
    I saw one somewhere on this board yesterday called Labyrinth Walk. I ordered the pattern.
  4. Claire123's Avatar
    I have been thinking about making it also.

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