Looking for snowball star pattern

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by , 07-04-2012 at 07:00 AM (525 Views)
I am looking for snowball star pattern.It is like A snow ball block with 8 points of differant color . Not sure that is the name but that was the name of the picture I seen.
Any help is appriciated ? Thnk you.
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  1. mtspools's Avatar
    sorry spelled my name wrong --- its mtspools
  2. caligirl's Avatar
    Hi, I think I have what you are referring to. I have a book by American school of needlework. "Look what I see" Quilts by Pat Yamin This one has 6 points. I made one, it was a lot of fun. I used scraps of seasonal prints.
  3. mtspools's Avatar
    ty caligirl

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